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Congratulations to an Outstanding Staff!



The Allegany County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a voluntary fitness program for Deputies and Correctional Officers using law enforcement standards from the Cooper Institute. The program implements safe standards which are scientifically validated  to help employees maintain optimal job performance, increase fitness and general well-being, increase the ability to absorb emotional and physical stresses associated with the job, to reduce lost work time from illness or disabilities, and to provide a work force more capable of responding to the increasingly excessive physical demands of their position.

 The Agency has trained six detention center staff  in fitness elements and safety to properly administer fitness tests to employees to ensure the tests are given in a standard and proper manner. Pictured with the Sheriff are (L to R) Fitness Test Administrators Officer Taven Flanagan, Officer Buck Junkins, Cpl. Jack Hendershot, Officer Keith Miller, Officer Iosefa Pua’auli, and Lt. Rhonda Downton (Cooper’s Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist and Fitness Program Administrator.)

 Testing utilizes a sequence of timed tests which includes a vertical jump, one minute sit ups, one minute push-ups and a 1.5 mile run. Additional testing for new hires includes a one repetition max bench press and a 300 meter run.



  The Allegany County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a voluntary fitness program for staff.  Detention Center testing was completed in May of 2014. Testing for Road Patrol will be held in September of 2014.  Forty out of seventy four staff completed testing at the detention center. Of those forty, five officers received the highest possible score category in all four tests given. In order to attain the highest category, the officer must complete a timed sequence of 4 tests and attain a vertical jump of 21 inches or higher,  a minimum of 44  sit-ups in one minute, a minimum of 47 pushups in one minute and run a 1.5 mile run in   12:32 minutes or less.

Officer of the Quarter, for the 2nd quarter of 2014, is Officer Dan Beal.  Officer Beal was nominated by his fellow employees, for his hard work, reliability, and dedication to duty.  Congratulations Officer Beal!

 Officer of the Year 2013 Keith Miller



Keith is a 13 year veteran of the Sheriff's Office.  He has distinguished himself as an exceptional Officer willing to accept any challenge placed before him.  He is co-commander of the TNT team, and a member of the facility Fit Team.



New Officer Candidate Physical Assessment 1.5 mile run.


Direct Supervision is a management philosophy, backed by a supervisory style for inmates, supported by a physical plant design that places staff face to face with inmates with full responsibility for the management of inmate behavior.  All Officers work in direct contact with the inmates on a day to day basis, interacting, listening and communicating with the inmates.

 The Sheriff of Allegany County is responsible for protecting the citizens of Allegany County by providing a secure holding facility for persons legally placed in confinement within Allegany County. The Corrections Division of the Sheriff’s Office is mandated to provide for the safety of the inmates placed into its custody by maintaining a humane living environment at the Detention Center, while also providing a safe working environment for the staff of the center. The facility operates upon the following principles:

The physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of all the inmates is a primary concern.

A variety of programs are provided to aid interested inmates with their reintegration process.

In order to meet these goals, a sufficient number of trained staff is provided to maintain the operation of the facility. The entire staff of the center is dedicated to providing a correctional program that meets applicable County, State, and Federal standards. Concerted efforts are made to ensure that the inmates’ human rights and dignity are not violated. 


Commission on Correctional Standards

The Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards was established by the General Assembly to advise the Secretary regarding standards for state, local and privately-operated correctional facilities. The Commission staff audits correctional facilities and private home detention monitoring agencies to determine levels of compliance, develop audit reports and provide technical assistance to correct areas of noncompliance. Trained volunteers are used extensively to accomplish the inspection process. Final audit reports of correctional facilities are reviewed by Commission Members, who are appointed by the Governor for a term of three years. The Commission's work is forwarded to the Secretary of the Department for final review and comment.

Recognition of Achievement

The Allegany County Detention Center is mandated to follow the strict set of Standards issued by the Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards. These Standards set a baseline for all correctional institutions in the State of Maryland to follow.  All correctional institutions are audited by the Commission, every 2-3 years, to assure compliance with the Standards.  The Allegany County Detention Center has achieved a 100%compliance with the Standards for the past 6 consecutive audits.

Facility Information

Opening Date:  April 2002

Total Inmate Capacity-234 beds

Male Inmate Capacity-132 beds

Female Inmate Capacity-30 beds

Work Release/Inmate Worker Capacity-48

Special Needs-24 beds

Other Areas include: Non-contact Visiting Area and waiting room, Intake/Release Area, property room, Programs Area, Medical Unit, Library, Gymnasium, Records Room, Control Center, Kitchen, Laundry, Maintenance Area, and 7 Housing Units.

Staff Services include:  Male and Female Staff Locker Rooms, Staff Exercise Room, Officer Training and Dining Facilities.



  • Work Release Program - Inmates sentenced to the Allegany County Detention Center may participate in the Work Release program upon the recommendation of the sentencing judge and upon approval of the Work Release Director and the Administrator.

  • County Work Crew - Inmates may participate in a county work program in conjunction with the Allegany County department of Public Works.

  • G.E.D. Classes - Sponsored by the Allegany County Board of Education, the classes are available to those inmates who request to participate and meet basic eligibility requirements.

  • Jail Substance Abuse Program (JSAP) - A five week program designed to educate inmates who have a history of drug and/or alcohol abuse. This program is sponsored in conjunction with the Allegany County Health Department. This program which began under a grant is currently funded through the Allegany County Health Department.

  • Medical Services - The detention center has a Registered Nurse on duty 24 hours per day. A facility physician, psychiatrist, and dentist work with the Health Services Administrator to address the medical needs of the inmates. Emergency services are provided by local EMS agencies and local hospitals.

  • Mental Health Counseling - The facility has a full time Mental Health Counselor who works in conjunction with the Medical Department and the facility psychiatrist. This program is currently funded under a joint grant with the Allegany County Health Department through the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention.

  • Religious Services - The detention center maintains a facility chaplain and also offers each inmate the opportunity to visit with a variety of religious personnel representing different denominations on a regular basis. Church services are held on a weekly basis.

  • Commissary - Inmates may purchase clothing, hygiene articles, stationary needs, and snacks at their own expense from the facility commissary.

  • Indigent Services - The facility provides certain items to those inmates who have no funds.


Helpful Information

Person may be held in the Allegany County Detention Center for a variety of reasons and under a variety of circumstances.  Persons may be held on a “bond”.  This is an amount of money that must be posted to assure the person will return for trial.  They may be held without a bond.  They may be here serving a sentence imposed by a court of law.  They may be held here awaiting a transfer to another legal jurisdiction.

Persons held within the facility can not receive phone calls.  There is a collect calling phone system available to all incarcerates that requires you accept the charges and establish an account with the phone vendor.  Please be aware that all phone calls are subject to monitoring and recording. 


The Detention Center will ONLY accept money orders. They must be mailed to the inmate.  Deposits can be made to an inmate account for phone use by contacting the vendor listed below in the LINKS section.


Persons held within the facility may receive mail if they elect to do so, they can also send mail.  If you write a letter to someone held in the facility, you must print clearly their name and inmate number.  You must also supply a return address.  You can not have drawings, stickers, or pictures on your envelope. Please be aware that all mail entering and leaving the facility is subject to search.

Incoming mail to the inmate will be refused for the following reasons: (this list is not all inclusive)

  • Perfume, After shave, Cologne
  • Lipstick, Lip Gloss
  • Glitter ink
  • Any and all foreign substances
  • Must include a return address
  • Inmate to inmate mail
  • Polaroid photos
  • Suggestive type material
  • Gang related material

Mailing address Example: 

John Doe BI#12345

Allegany County Detention Center

14300 McMullen Hwy, Cumberland, MD 21502

Driving Directions

From I68 East or West, take exit 42 south onto Rt. 220 South for apx. six miles.  The Detention center is located on the left hand side of Rt. 220, 1/10 of a mile past the NBCI correctional facility.

From North or South of Cumberland, follow Rt 220 to 14300 McMullen Hwy, Cumberland, MD. 21502.

The detention Center is located in the Community of Cresaptown Maryland, a suburb of Cumberland.

Visitation Schedule

If you wish to visit an inmate, you must have a government issued photo ID.  If you are under the age of 18 you must be accompanied by an adult who is your parent or legal guardian.

Monday           0900-1100     A-Unit         1300-1500SW Females

Tuesday         0900-1100     C-Unit         1300-1500F-Unit

Wednesday   0900-1100     G-Unit

                        1230               SW-Males and Medical Inmates

Thursday       0900-1100     C-Unit         1230-1500 E-Unit P/C

Friday            0900-1100     D-Unit

                       1230-1500     E-Unit   A/S             

Saturday       1230-1430     Special Visits- Males

Sunday          0900-1000     Special Visits-Females

                       1230-1500      B-Unit    

                       1730-1915- Working County Crew



MarylandJudiciary Case Search - (Look up court records in Maryland)                              http://casesearch.courts.state.md.us/inquiry/processDisclaimer.jis

                           MarylandPublic Defenders Office                           


 Maryland Courts


MarylandCommission on Correctional Standards


National Victim Notification Network.


Securus – Correctional Billing Services (inmate telephone service)


Friends & Family with questions regarding Commissary/Phone Funding should be directed to Jail Deposit Support.

Toll Free Phone: 1-800-778-9509

The Allegany County Detention Center allows inmates to have video visits.  If you are interested, please click the link below! 

              Video Visitation (see your family)