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The Allegany County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a voluntary fitness program for Deputies and Correctional Officers using law enforcement standards from the Cooper Institute. The program implements safe standards which are scientifically validated  to help employees maintain optimal job performance, increase fitness and general well-being, increase the ability to absorb emotional and physical stresses associated with the job, to reduce lost work time from illness or disabilities, and to provide a work force more capable of responding to the increasingly excessive physical demands of their position.

The Agency has trained six detention center staff  in fitness elements and safety to properly administer fitness tests to employees to ensure the tests are given in a standard and proper manner. Pictured with the Sheriff are (L to R) Fitness Test Administrators Officer Taven Flanagan, Officer Buck Junkins, Cpl. Jack Hendershot, Officer Keith Miller, Officer Iosefa Pua’auli, and Lt. Rhonda Downton (Cooper’s Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist and Fitness Program Administrator.)

Testing utilizes a sequence of timed tests which includes a vertical jump, one minute sit ups, one minute push-ups and a 1.5 mile run. Additional testing for new hires includes a one repetition max bench press and a 300 meter run.

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The Allegany County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a voluntary fitness program for staff.  Detention Center testing was completed in May of 2014. Testing for Road Patrol will be held in September of 2014.  Forty out of seventy four staff completed testing at the detention center. Of those forty, five officers received the highest possible score category in all four tests given. In order to attain the highest category, the officer must complete a timed sequence of 4 tests and attain a vertical jump of 21 inches or higher,  a minimum of 44  sit-ups in one minute, a minimum of 47 pushups in one minute and run a 1.5 mile run in   12:32 minutes or less.

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