Facility Information

Opening Date:April 2002
Total Inmate Capacity234 beds
Male Inmate Capacity132 beds
Female Inmate Capacity30 beds
Work Release/Inmate Worker Capacity48 beds
Special Needs24 beds

Other Areas include: Non-contact Visiting Area and waiting room, Intake/Release Area, property room, Programs Area, Medical Unit, Library, Gymnasium, Records Room, Control Center, Kitchen, Laundry, Maintenance Area, and 7 Housing Units.

Staff Services include:  Male and Female Staff Locker Rooms, Staff Exercise Room, Officer Training and Dining Facilities.

Allegany County Sheriff's Office

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Patrol Office:

695 Kelly Road

Cumberland, MD 21502


Detention Center:

14300 McMullen Hwy

Cumberland, MD 21502

301-729-8540 ext # 227

Alternative Sentencing:

30 rear Washington Street

Cumberland, MD 21502


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