Supervisor of the Year 2017 Cpl. Jack Hendershot

Allegany County Detention Center is honored to distinguish Cpl. A. Jack Hendershot as the facility’s Supervisor of the Year 2016 as based on nominations from his supervisors, peers and subordinates. Cpl. Hendershot is a 29 year Correctional Veteran who has dedicated his life to the mission of the Agency. He has been a shift supervisor for 15 years and is currently the head of the Transportation Unit, a certified MPCTC instructor, and lead member of the agency’s fitness team.

Cpl. Hendershot is known for his extensive knowledge of agency policies and procedures, rules and regulations and laws. There is not an aspect of facility operations that he is not aware of. All staff, including his own supervisors regularly look to him for advice and guidance on all issues.

He is responsible for all transportation officers as well as every transport of any inmate to and from the facility. He ensures that court appearances, appointments and any transportation out of the county are scheduled and completed on time. In addition, he makes sure that annual transportation training is complete for over thirty officers approved to transport inmates. Transportation training is a very time consuming project that includes, one on one review of transportation policies, mentoring, scheduling, testing, paperwork and an active monitoring of those assigned to transportation training. Cpl. Hendershot bears a heavy responsibility to the security of the facility as the Transportation Corporal.

Cpl. Hendershot is the main OC spray instructor and regularly must adjust his schedule to teach all other approved courses such as policies and procedures, restraint chair and urinalysis training to name a few. In addition, Cpl. Hendershot is a champion of the Agency’s physical fitness program, serving a trained Fit Test administrator and member of the Sheriff’s Office “Fit Team.”  He is often found assistant other staff with health and fitness goals on his own time. Some staff specifically request Cpl. Hendershot to administer their fitness testing due to his ability to motivate them and lead by example. The fitness program would not be the success it is without his input, support and dedication.

In closing, Cpl. Hendershot simply never stops moving. He is always seen completing a task of some sort ranging from assisting other supervisors, rounds, assisting inmates, washing and maintaining transportation vehicles, or just removing trash from the building. Cpl. Hendershot is the epitome of “hard working” and is a highly valued asset to our Agency.  Congratulations to Cpl. Hendershot for the long overdue and very well-deserved honor.


Officer of the Year 201Bryan Dolechek

Allegany County Detention Center recognizes both a Supervisor and Officer of the year.  One of those staff is ultimately selected as the Uniformed Employee of the Year. For 2016, Sheriff Craig Robertson is proud to announce Officer Bryan Dolechek as the Uniformed Employee and Officer of the year as based on nominations by his supervisors and peers.  Officer Dolechek is an eight year correctional veteran, currently assigned to the 0800-1600 shift as a Housing Unit and Field Training Officer.

As a highly respected Field Trainer, Officer Dolechek understands the importance of providing correctional officer trainees with the most comprehensive information available to ensure they are the best officer they can be.  Offering reality based scenarios to trainees, he works closely with each new officer, monitoring their progress even if he is not assigned to them for that particular day. He takes this duty very seriously and constantly enforces the mission of the field training program to ensure that each person is trained to the fullest extent of their capabilities.  With firm, fair and impartial trainee evaluations and a constant hands-on approach Officer Dolechek sets the standard for excellence for field training.

In communications with co-workers and support staff, he serves as a mentor to all. Officer Dolechek is one of the most well respected officers on staff and promotes positive morale with his outstanding interpersonal communication skills and sense of humor. He sets the bar high and all staff often look to him for his fair, firm and impartial problem solving skills. He smiles often despite any obstacles that are thrown his way.

Lastly, we would like to recognize that Officer Dolechek maintains his weapons qualified status for inmate transportation duties by volunteering to complete the agency’s annual physical fitness exam. This is a testament to not only his work ethics but his desire to reach personal and professional goals as well. He is dependable, flexible and his dedication to the mission of the Agency is unsurpassed. Allegany County is honored to distinguish Officer Bryan Dolechek, as the Uniformed Employee and Officer of the Year.


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