Patrol Mission Statement

The Office of the Sheriff for Allegany County, Maryland is a progressive Public Safety agency responsible for the protection of all citizens in Allegany County, by providing for the preservation of peace, a safe and secure detention center, and the security of our courts.

With pride, integrity, and professionalism we strive to protect the rights and self-respect of all citizens. In alliance with our communities, we endeavor to provide safe neighborhoods for all.

Through determination and purpose of mind, we accept the responsibility of overcoming adversity to remain effective, efficient, and responsive to the needs of our citizens.

We strive to maintain a humane living and working environment through our professional correctional services. With courage and dignity, we endeavor to protect the rights of all persons equally.

Professionally and personally we are responsible for our conduct. We are honest, fair, and strong of character. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of ethical conduct and strive to be role models for others.

As employees, sworn or civilian, full or part-time, paid or volunteer, we are proud to belong to this agency and to promote these values.

Corrections Mission Statement

The mission of the Allegany County Detention Center is to provide a safe and secure facility for persons legally committed to the custody of the Sheriff of Allegany County. With pride, integrity, and professionalism, we strive to maintain the highest degree of accountability for maintaining protection of the citizens of the community in a cost effective manner.

We accept the responsibility of providing for the emotional, physical, and psychological well being of all detainees while ensuring that the constitutional rights of all persons are protected.  The staff strives to achieve compliance with the Standards set forth by the Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards and to always maintain the State Recognition of Achievement Award.

Through the use of allied agencies and volunteers from the community, we will provide programs to the detainees to promote successful re\integration into the community.  The Allegany County Detention Center is a progressive direct supervision facility which will strive to meet the needs of an ever changing environment.


Allegany County Sheriff's Office

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Patrol Office:

695 Kelly Road

Cumberland, MD 21502


Detention Center:

14300 McMullen Hwy

Cumberland, MD 21502

301-729-8540 ext # 227

Alternative Sentencing:

30 rear Washington Street

Cumberland, MD 21502


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